Welcome fellow feelers and seekers

Melissa has always been fascinated with magic and mysticism. As a young child, she found herself at home in nature, communing with animals, and obsessed with the stars. As she grew up with incredible opportunities of travel and academia, her thirst for knowledge and understanding grew. While in college, Melissa endured personal and emotional tragedy leaving her with a sense of spiritual abandonment, debilitating anxiety and dark depression. Through the next several years, Yoga and meditation persistently found their way into her life. Along with these modalities of healing, grace, forgiveness and esotericism, Melissa's heart cracked open and she was called to serve others and offer these gifts generously. 

Melissa is now based in Savannah, Georgia but is available to travel at any time offering yoga, meditation, Tarot, wedding officiating services and more! 

Melissa has been reading and teaching Tarot for over 10 years and this modality allows for her incredible connection and channeling of source energy to flow. Using sacred symbols, Melissa taps in deeply with each client, couple or group allowing information and knowledge to flow to each and every. This energetic shift offers empowerment and practical tools for emotional healing, divine purpose, relationship evolution and soul integration

.From public classes and workshops, private clients, to unique yoga offerings for bridal parties and brewery yoga, she seeks to spread the good word in a variety of ways. Her yoga and meditation classes are informed by her over 500hrs of Yoga Alliance certified trainings at Savannah Yoga Center, Kripalu and more and is now an ERYT, teaching and hosting teacher trainings and yoga teacher mentorships. Her classes are deep and devotional, dynamic and creative with strong themes of spirituality and philosophy. Melissa believes that as we begin to explore our inner landscape and heal ourselves, we can then extend that healing and connection to our friends, families, partners, communities and the world. Her favorite thing about yoga is the energetic share that comes from collecting together with an elevated intention as we cultivate sacred community in this practice of prayer in movement. Melissa believes that deep conscious breath and grounding down in our bodies allows us to hear the incredible ancient wisdom our feelings provide and give us the openness to feel the pulse of the divine within each of us. 

Melissa is an active social justice junkie, writer working on her first book and thriving entrepreneur. She prays that her life and journey inspires and uplifts others to wake up and heal.