Be so grateful it drives you to tears.

We often times get stuck in ruts of self-doubt and drudgery of the day-to-day minutiae of life that we forget the beauty of it all. We get caught up in melodramas rather than our miraculousness. We feed our insecurities rather than recognizing our abilities. We sometimes only see the shadows and cant see the light.

Gratitude is a practice that can be done anywhere, at anytime. It can be done with written word, kneeling with tears on the bathroom floor, in traffic, silently to self or in a quiet moment with someone you love. Gratitudes can be gifted to those who deserve it deeply and even those who deserve it the least. Gratitude is an opportunity for perspective when you feel lost or stuck on a low vibration. Gratitudes can be exclaimed before each meal you eat or silently to self as you drift off to sleep. Offering gratitude to the divine during any moment, the peak or valley, a birth or death is an important grounding gift.

Scream “Thank You” at the sky when your eyes are full of tears, offer “Thank You” to the person testing your patience, gift yourself “Thank You” to your beautiful perfectly imperfect body. I have found that in my darkest and most confusing moments where I feel hurt and lost that if I vibrate THANK YOU, it all seems to brighten. Lighten. Lift. We must honor the totality of life and all its complex dualities. As spiritually transcendent beings, we offer gratitude to ALL things, ALL circumstance, ALL people. Gratitude helps us digest and integrate the confusing and murky events Life bestows upon us. It can be a burden or it can be Grace.

An attitude of gratitude will help this puzzle of life fall into place and you will begin to feel the that Universe is conspiring FOR you rather than against you. Gratitude will crack your existential experience wide open to a place where everyone is your teacher, everything is a gift for you, and everything is a lesson here to help you.

Yogic Prescription |  3 minute(or more!) in Balasana(Child's Pose). This can be done in bed, on a yoga mat, or on sweet Mama Earth. Your beautiful third eye(forehead/Anja Chakra) can rest softly. Take your knees as wide as feels good, let your Buddha belly soften. Breathe deeply. As you inhale expand out in every direction. Exhale and contract into your center. Feel your palms connect with the ground. Your finger tips. Knuckles. Head line. heart line. All of it. Draw energy up and press it down. Feel the 7,000 miles of Earth that showed up right here for you in that moment. Supporting you. Holding you. Grounding you. Energetically, this pose is a humble bow. Bow to yourself, the divine, the unknown. Bow to it all. Before you arise, open your palms to the sky for a potent mudra(gesture) for giving and receiving.


Gratitude Support: One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Matt Kahn will speak to your heart in this video. This is a great video to play while you’re driving home for the holidays, when you’re in the tub or your darkest hour.