Mudra Medicine

Mudra means seal or gesture and is steeped in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The hands are considered powerful energy centers and are used to create seals that harness and support certain healing or harnessing. Mudras are seen in ancient arts, yoga culture and meditation practices.


Cin/Jnana for Concentration | This easy mudra is not only great for beginners but can be done easily just about anywhere. Bring your forefinger to your thumb creating a small circle. Press gently yet relaxed creating a nice connection here. Your other three finger gently extending outwards away from the circle connection. Your palm can be up(Cin) or down(Jnana) resting in your lap, on your legs, or in one of your favorite yoga asanss(poses). This gesture brings immediate focus to your activity whether its sitting at your desk at work or meditating in front of your altar. This mudra is grounding and energizing- a perfect, easy gesture to incorporate into your daily life.

Hakini for Memory | This gesture can be done anytime you feel stumped or you have a thought right at the tip of your tongue! By joining the tips of the fingers and thumbs together making a dome, the left and right brain become equanimous helping you to become focused and inspired. Try this anytime you need a little extra memory power and focus on the tips of your fingers while deepening your breath.

Hand on Belly for Anxiety | This is a trick I have been using for years. From presentations in college and teaching yoga classes to dates and anxiety attacks, this mudra is so helpful. Bring one of both of your hands to your belly palm down. Gently cup the area right above your navel and below your ribs. This tender belly space is the home of your Solar Plexus Charka(energy center) that when overactive can feel something like a swarm of butterflies or even a panic attack. Bringing our powerful palm to our Manipura Chakra snuffs out excess energy here and brings awareness to the area allowing our breath to move down deep into our belly. With this deep belly breathing and gentle connection with self, butterflies float away and you are left grounded and centered.